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Trust and Estate Litigation

The Washington Trusts and Estates Dispute Resolution Act (TEDRA) provides several options for resolving any problem or dispute involving a trust, including mediation, binding arbitration, or going to court.

Sometimes such disputes can arise where there is clear wrongful conduct; sometimes they arise in otherwise harmonious situations, such as where the provisions of the trust document are ambiguous or a trustee has become incapacitated. Often trust disputes involve family relationships that need to be taken into account.

We have experience handling trust disputes, including actions brought under TEDRA, and can help you resolve any issue pertaining to:

Any trust issue may also be resolved by a written agreement signed by all parties with an interest in the trust. If a party is incapacitated, it may be necessary to seek the appointment of a proxy authorized to execute such an agreement on his or her behalf.

If a trust dispute ends up in court, a judge has the discretion to award attorneys’ fees to any party, to be paid by another party or by the trust.

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