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Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Trustees, executors, and administrators have certain fiduciary duties to the beneficiaries of an estate or trust, including the duty to carry out their responsibilities competently, manage assets prudently, and keep beneficiaries informed about administration of the estate or trust.

Whether or not a fiduciary has breached his or her duties can be a complicated question; however, when these duties are violated, legal action may be necessary to compensate the trust or estate for any loss and/or to remove and replace the fiduciary.

We represent beneficiaries harmed by such breaches of fiduciary duty as:

We also defend fiduciaries against such claims, and provide them with legal advice designed to prevent a violation of any fiduciary duty.

If you are a beneficiary concerned about a potential breach of fiduciary duty, or a fiduciary in need of advice to defend or avoid such claims, please call us at (425) 455-5513, toll free at (877) 455-5513, or send us an email.

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