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Vulnerable Adult Protection Actions

Unfortunately, seniors can be particularly vulnerable to financial exploitation, abuse and neglect. In such situations, we can help obtain a protection order available under the Vulnerable Adult Protection Act (VAPA). The statute defines a “vulnerable adult” to include anyone age 60 or older, or an incapacitated person of any age. A petition may be filed by anyone with a legitimate interest in the welfare of a vulnerable adult, and the protection order may require the respondent to account for the disposition of the vulnerable adult’s income or assets, prohibit the respondent from transferring assets, and limit or prohibit the respondent’s contact with the vulnerable adult for a period of up to 5 years. The respondent may also be ordered to reimburse the petitioner for his or her costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees.

We have successfully obtained temporary and final protection orders for vulnerable adults under the Vulnerable Adult Protection Act. If you think a VAPA proceeding may be necessary for a friend or loved one, or if you are an interested party in an ongoing VAPA proceeding, call us at (425) 455-5513, toll free at (877) 455-5513, or send us an email.

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